How to Plan a Trip to the Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful, fifty kilometer long stretch of coastline along the Southern part of Italy’s peninsula. Over 5,000,000 tourists flock to the area each year to enjoy all that this stunning Mediterranean location has to offer. If you’re planning to be one of the lucky travelers who visit the Amalfi coast this year, here are some tips to help you plan the ultimate Amalfi coast trip:

Find your dream home

This area of Italy is home to some of the most beautiful vacation houses. Amalfi Coast villas truly are fantastic locations in which to enjoy the area. Are ocean views and private pools your jam? What about a private kitchen? Renting a villa is the way to go if you want to experience the Amalfi Coast at its very best.

Discover the various areas

The Amalfi Coast has been named a World Heritage Site by Unesco because the area provides a stunning example of Mediterranean beauty. The dramatic cliffs and lush forests of the costal area are dotted with picturesque fishers towns and wine vineyards. Although the Amalfi Coast is just fifty kilometers in length, there is plenty to see and explore.

Sorrento is the starting point for most Amalfi coast visitors. This town is easily accessible from Naples airport, and this is usually the busiest spot for that reason. During the summer months tourists flock to the area, so be prepared for crowds.

Positano is the town best known for its pretty pastel colored houses that climb up the mountainside from the coast. Be prepared to walk up lots of steps during your visit here! Positano is one of the trendiest towns on the Amalfi Coast, with happening night life, high end shopping, and great people watching.

The tiny town of Praiano is also very well worth a visit! Here the beach, albeit small, has many hours of sunlight because its clear from light blocking rock formations and cliffs. This openness also means that visitors of Praiano are often treated to breathtaking sunset views. The famous hiking trail Sentiero degli Dei starts here too!

Vietri sul Mare is a small town at the end of the Almafi Coast. Here the food is exquisite, and the views are delightful, but the element that makes this coastal town stand out is its majolica. The town is positively covered in colorful earthenware pottery!

Start prepping your taste buds

It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t like Italian food, and the Amalfi coast is home to some of the tastiest Italian food around! Here are some yummy dishes to start daydreaming about while you countdown the days to the start of your vacation:

Colatura di Alici is a sauce famous to the Amalfi Coast fisher’s town of Cetara. This tasty sauce is thought to date back to Roman times, and is made using fresh anchovies. Yum!

The town of Conca dei Marini has its own local dessert: the Santa Rosa sfogliatella. This unique treat was created in a local monastery in the 17th century and the recipe was held so dearly, that the monastery kept it a secret for 150 years! Nowadays, the recipe is public, but the love for the treat has only grown. Each August a festival is held to honor this yummy cake-like pastry.

The coastal town of Minori has been nicknamed ‘The City of Taste’. Not only is the town ideally located nestled between the vineyards and lemon plantations, but they also are huge pasta cookers! This town is a foodies heaven.

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Learn some key Italian phrases

While some of the most popular tourist hotspots on the Amalfi coast will often have someone who speaks English and can help non-Italian speaking tourists, some of the most beautiful locations on the Amalfi Coast are still very true to their authentic fisher town culture, and knowing some key Italian phrases will go a long way while visiting these smaller towns. Here are a few phrases that might come in handy:

Dov’è il bagno? – Where is the bathroom (After a few glasses of Italian rosè this is definitely an important phrase to have on hand!)

Qual è la specialità locale? – What is the local specialty (These five words will open you up to a delicious world of local delights!)

Può parlare più piano, per favore? – Can you speak more slowly, please? (This phrase is great for those moments where you’re trying your hardest to decipher the excited conversation of the locals, but cant quite keep up)

Now that you’ve got a few key phrases down, you’ve learnt a bit about local delicacies and you’ve scoped out your dream vacation home, you’re all set for the Amalfi Coast vacation of a lifetime!

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