How to be a Travel Vlogger

A travel vlogger is an exciting job; not only do you maintain a travel video channel but you also get to travel to many places around the world. It seems easy – you only have to travel and record the things you see in the attractions. However, keep in mind it is actually not that easy because the niche is becoming saturated. But, you can still give it a try. Here are some tips on how to get started in travel vlogging.

Film Attractions Near to Your Home

Travel vlogging on YouTube doesn’t necessarily means you have to go to a destination that is far away. This can be expensive since you haven’t yet make any money on your travel channel. Instead, visit attractions near to the place where you are living such as zoo, park, beaches, and museums. You just have to craft a great story at the place you visit to make it interesting for people to watch. In the meantime, try to save money in your travel activities. You can look up the internet for free things to do in the attractions.

Start Filming Immediately

If you are serious, just grab your camera and start filming. Don’t just keep talking about your plans to your friends and not doing anything to make your trip come true. If you set a travel date, you may change your mind and delay your trip. Don’t have to spend a lot of money on the trip to get started – just grab a camera and visit the nearest attractions to start filming. As you film the travel video, you will find that you make mistakes. You will have to make a lot of mistakes before you can become a travel vlogger.

Focus More on the Story Rather than Equipment

Most people watch a travel video because of the interesting story behind it. It is much lesser for the equipment so don’t go crazy about spending money to buy expensive camera to shoot a quality video. If you can’t afford a camcorder, just use your smartphone to record the travel scene. You can invest in better equipment when you start to have views on your video. You have the option to buy used camcorder if you want to save money when upgrading your equipment.

Don’t Do It Solely For Money

It is hard to film a good travel video story when you are doing it for the money. Instead, film the video as if you are really passionate about traveling and want to share with others about the places you have visited. When you do it for your passion, you will not feel stressful and will be happy to produce as many videos as you want to inspire others. Try to have fun and enjoy yourself since you are also paying for the trip.

Polish Your Travel Video with a Video Editor

Polish Your Travel Video with a Video Editor

Finally, don’t forget to edit your travel video before uploading whether it is about Paris museums or a bull fight in Mexico. Most of the travel videos you see on YouTube appear polished because they have been edited with a video editor. So do not hesitate to cut your video to trim away the unwanted parts, improve its quality, use different effects and so on with the help of a video clipper tool.