Must Visit Foodie Cities

Sometimes you need to get out of town to get the best eats. If you love good food and travel, make sure you check out these must visit foodies cities for the most tasty food in the world.

Must Visit Foodie Cities
New Orleans
Louisiana’s largest city, New Orleans has long been one of America’s must visit foodie cities. New Orleans has a unique blend of French-creole, Cajun, Latin American, and southern “soul food.” These different varieties of cooking are combined with a plethora of delicious seafood given New Orleans geographic location. Some of New Orleans’ most iconic dishes include seafood Po’ Boy sandwiches, gumbo, and red beans and rice. No visit to New Orleans is complete without a taste going to a proper crayfish boil, these small lobster-like critters are combined in a massive pot with sausage, potatoes, corn, and a whole of of spicy seasoning and served on your table to be eaten with your hands, perfect backyard fare. If you have a sweet tooth make sure you visit the legendary Cafe Du Monde, a Vietnamese/French bakery and coffee shop that serves up famously hot and delicious beignets alongside creamy ice coffees 24 hours a day. New Orleans has some of the best 5-star fine dining joints, alongside legendarily street eats; so no matter what your taste or budget if you love to eat you will love New Orleans.

Literally the gateway between east and west (half of Istanbul resides in Asia while the other half is in Europe,) Istanbul uses its unique geographic to serve up some historically delicious food. The city’s most famous export, the doner kebab has reached nearly every corner of the world and seen hundreds of variations, though the Istanbul classic complete with tomatoes, fries, and pickles inside still reigns king (sultan.) A city as big and old as Istanbul is bound to have a diverse restaurants with cuisine from all over the world but they still do the Turkish classics best. From a 20 course brunch to the spectacle of a dondurma (ice-cream) vendor, Istanbul is definatly one of the must visit foodie cities. If you are lucky enough to find yourself here be sure and try a bowl of manti, a spicy stuffed pasta dish with heavy influences from the Mediterranean and middle east. If you love seafood be sure and grab dozen mediye dolmas  mussels mixed with spices and rice served in their shells, usually found being sold by walking merchant late at night. Also, no trip to Istanbul is complete with a proper cup of street-side Turkish coffee, remember to save your grounds. The variety of history of Istanbul’s food is so immense you really must explore the city to experience it.

Consider the mecca of street-food, Bangkok lives up to its praises and offers so much more. While the cheap, fresh, delicious street side eats are not to be missed (be sure and try any number of noodles soups, papaya salads, and spicy stir fried curries,) its increasing number of high-end dining establishments are putting this Southeast Asian capitol on the map for other reasons. Restaurants such as Gaagan (which recently was crowned one of the top ten restaurants in the world) and Baa Ga Din, are serving up traditional flavors with high-quality ingredients and modern techniques and customers can’t seem to get enough. So if whether your tastes are for the savory street eats or sophisticated modern cuisine Bangkok has it all.

If you are a traveling foodie make sure you check out these must visit foodies cities.