Best Apps For Business

Got the latest smartphone in order to be at your most productive? Well, be sure you have the latest apps so you are getting the most out of you high tech device. Here are the best apps for business to ensure you are getting the most done on your digital device.

best apps for businessSquare
This POS (Point of Sale) app first started showing up in hip boutique shops and food trucks. Square turned any smartphone or tablet into a full featured cash register allowing customers to pay quickly and easily with credit cards in establishments that had been previously cash only. Square has now expanded its offering and has a host of services including invoicing, gift cards, email marketing, and a standalone register. If your small or medium size business is in need of a sales system take a look at Square for an innovative and user friendly approach.

Google Docs
Google’s cloud based competitor to Microsoft Office has one major thing Microsoft doesn’t, the lack of a price tag. Google Docs is a free service that works on nearly all devices. Allowing multiple users and easy collaboration of spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. Google Docs also makes it easy for you to move seamlessly between your workstation, mobile phone, tablet, and home computer; which is great for today’s non-stop business person. Google docs is a must have business app for anyone who is serious about productivity and one of the best apps for business to date.

Recently acquired by Microsoft, the granddaddy of VOIP (Voice over IP) and video chat, Skype still reigns supreme for business communication. Given its track record of providing high quality communication world wide, it is no wonder Skype remains so popular. Many software developers have their own proprietary competitors but none have the broad compatibility of Skype. Skype works with nearly any device and offers free Skype to Skype calling as well as low cost integration with traditional telephone calling, making it a hit for international business people. No smartphone is complete with installing this essential business app. They say business is all about communication and there is no better way to communicate in this digital world than via Skype, making it still one of the best apps for business.

So whether you are a business person on the go, looking to stay in touch with your clients and coworkers internationally, trying to find a way to keep working continually¬†and collaboratively on your documents regardless of location of device, or wanting to simplify the way your business handles Point of Sale and credit cards; we hope our list of best apps for business will make your life more productive. So exit out of Angry Birds, Pokemon Go, or Facebook and head to your App Store to download these apps for business that are guarantee¬†to make smartphone an essential business tool. Don’t worry, hopefully all your hard-work will pay off and there will be plenty of time for Pokemon Go and Facebook while relaxing on the beach during you well earned vacation!