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Must Visit Foodie Cities

Must Visit Foodie Cities

Sometimes you need to get out of town to get the best eats. If you love good food and travel, make sure you check out these must visit foodies cities for the most tasty food in the world. New Orleans Louisiana’s largest city, New Orleans has long been one of America’s must visit foodie cities. New Orleans has a unique blend of French-creole, Cajun, Latin American, and southern “soul food.” These different varieties of cooking are combined with a plethora of delicious seafood given New Orleans geographic location. Some of New Orleans’ most iconic dishes include seafood Po’ Boy sandwiches, gumbo, and red…

3 Things Every Visitor to Rio Olympics Must Remember

Rio Olympics

Planning on traveling to Brazil for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games? Well, whether you are traveling in mind, body, or spirit; here are are 3 things every visitor to the Rio Olympics must remember. They Don’t Speak Spanish This is a newbie mistake for first time visitors to Brazil but one that should be avoided. Unlike nearly all other South American nations, the official language of Brazil is not Spanish but it is Portuguese. Brazil was a long-time Portuguese colony and in fact Rio de Janeiro was the Portuguese colonial capitol. The largest population of Portuguese speakers (by about 180 million)…