How to Keep Your Shed Warm in Winter

There is little point in having a great looking shed if you are not able to use it throughout the cold winter months. No matter if you are using your shed for storage or as a workshop, you should be able to count on using it all year round. This is why it is important to look for solutions as to how to keep your shed warm during those winter months.

The material type of your shed won’t change much, the reality is that colorbond sheds and timber sheds will both get cool during the winter months. Here then are some ways that you can give the shed some warmth, so that you can continue to use it when the cold weather hits.

Shed Insulation

The most important aspect of keeping your shed warm is making sure that the walls and the roof are properly insulated. The key is ensuring that cold air doesn’t get in, and that warm air doesn’t get out, and insulation will be the first step in making sure that this is the case for your shed. No matter if you have a store-bought shed or one of those fancy custom sheds, there are always opportunities to add insulation.

Increasing the Sunlight in your shed

Many garden sheds are built with very poor quality natural lighting, and this is another step you could take to add warmth to the space during winter. The inclusion of larger windows in your shed will help you to harness some of the sun’s warmth and use it to keep the cold at bay inside the shed. Be sure that the windows are well covered up so as not to advertise what you have inside the shed.

Using a Chimnea

A smart option is to bring in a heater to the space, but not all garden sheds come with electrical sockets. Additionally propane heaters may be dangerous depending on what you have in the shed. For this reason a chimnea could be a great option for you whilst you are working in the shed. These will burn fuel such as wood and then provide a great source of heat for the shed area. Make sure that you place the chimnea next to a window so that the smoke can come out of the flume, and go straight outside.

Using a Solar Heater

Another way in which you can harness the sun’s energy to warm the space is to use a solar powered heater. These are far less expensive than you may realize and they can really produce a great deal of heat. The addition of some simple panels to the roof of the shed will help you to harness that energy and turn it into heating for when you are doing any kind of work inside the shed.

Garden sheds don’t often come with built-in heating which is why you should ensure that you are taking steps so that you will be able to use your shed during the colder, winter months.