Upgrade Your Floors to Give your Home a New Lease of Life


If you are looking for ways to give your home a new, fresh look this summer, then perhaps the first place you need to look is down. The floor is often the last thing we think of, yet it can completely alter and revitalise the whole look of your home.

There are more choices of floor covering than ever before – just take a look at the range available from specialist suppliers like Discount Flooring Depot, and you will see a great range of ideas for every room in the house, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and conservatories. Here are a few ideas to whet the appetite and show you just what can be done without spending a fortune.

Laminate wood flooring

In years gone by, a wood floor meant thousands of pounds spent and a week of upheaval while the fitters ripped your home apart. Not any more. Today’s laminate floor options look as good as solid wood, but are as cheap as chips to buy.

There is a huge choice of styles, shades and finishes to compliment every style of home décor, and best of all, installation is a simple job for anyone with a decent tool kit and some basic DIY and carpentry knowledge – if you can measure in a straight line and operate a circular saw, you can fit a laminate wood floor!

Laminate also has the advantage of being very hard wearing and resistant to spills and damage – ideal for the kitchen and bathroom in a hectic family home.

Parquet flooring

Fancy a wooden floor that harks back to the 16th century royal households of France? Then how about a parquet floor as a breathtaking feature in your living room? Originally made from hardwood, today’s parquet is constructed from what is called engineered wood – a kind of laminate that is covered with a hardwood surface.

This means you can choose whatever finish you like, be it oak, maple, pine or anything else, and it will still not cost the earth.

Parquet can be laid in a choice of patterns, such as squares, triangles or herringbone effects, and looks very special in any home.


If warm and cushioned are words that appeal to you, then perhaps you should consider a cork floor.

It is simple to install and is usually supplied in engineered panels that just snap together. It might not present the most sophisticated look, but for the rough and tumble of a child’s bedroom or playroom, it is well worth considering.

Vinyl tiles

We all remember the horrendous linoleum of the 1980s, but at least we can thank it for prompting someone to develop vinyl tiles as an alternative! It provides a colourful, cost effective option for revitalising your bathroom, conservatory or utility room.

Tiles typically come in 12 inch squares, and the range of designs and colours means you can mix and match to create a fun and unique effect in just a few hours.