Wood flooring grades: which kind is best for your home?

Choosing the right wood flooring grades will make your home stand out

When it comes to choosing wood flooring for your home there’s more to it than just picking the material and colour. In your search for the perfect floor it’s guaranteed that you will have come across a few terms, one of them being “grade”. Now, you’re not alone if you haven’t heard these terms before or if you’re a little confused by them, that’s why this post is here to help!

In the world of wood flooring there are four main grades, these are:

  • Prime

  • Select

  • Natural

  • Rustic

Each grade offers different characteristics within the wood, things like a change in colour and the variation of knots throughout the floor. This gives you, the buyer, a lot more choice if you’re open to different designs.

Prime Grade

Prime grade wood flooring is the most premium of all the grades, it offers the most uniform appearance and has less knots and more consistent colour throughout the planks. If you’re after a clean looking, sophisticated floor for a modern home or commercial property then this is the grade for you! If you haven’t made your mind up between solid or engineered wood then you’ll be pleased to know that the prime grade is available in each type of wood, which gives you a lot more choice in picking the perfect floor. Prime grade floors look great throughout the home and can be used in a multitude of rooms to offer a uniformed appearance, the choice is completely yours but whatever you go for you will have peace of mind in knowing that it will look absolutely stunning regardless!

Select Grade

Select grade flooring has a few minor imperfections in comparison with Prime grade. Although this grade of flooring consists or large areas where the board is considered as ‘clean’ (no knots etc) they are broken up by minor knots and tiny cracks in the board. Whilst the select grade doesn’t offer the same consistent uniform appearance as prime grade floors, inconsistence in it does make for a slightly edgy floor, perfect for those looking for something a little modern. Select grade flooring is a great alternative for those who are looking for a nice finish but are reluctant to pay for Prime grade.

Natural Grade

As the name suggests, this grade focuses on the natural and authentic look of the wood. It shows more knots than select grade and has a much more noticeable colour variation, but natural grade wood flooring really does bring a unique look to any room. It adds a sense of character and warmth, especially when placed in a lounge/living area. As with most grades, this is available in both engineered and solid wood, it’s up to you which one you go for but we definitely think this grade can transform your room into a comfortable and inviting space.

Rustic Grade

If you truly want to add some character to your room then this grade does the trick, with plenty of visible knots and colour variation this style of flooring is one of the most charming on the market. If you’re keen on the country look then rustic grade flooring can certainly help to make that a reality. This grade is probably one of the most popular grades in line with the trends of today, a lot of people love the raw effect that it brings into a room and the earthy feel that it can induce.

With all of the above in mind you should feel well-equipped when it comes to making a purchase, remember that your floor can be personalised to you and each grade has a unique appearance within the wood.