How Do You Move a Modular Home?

One of the biggest benefits about modular homes is that they are able to be moved. With this being said it is no small feat. Whilst it is absolutely possible, it’s not something that would be viable to undertake on a regular basis.

When it comes to modular homes, Victoria has very much led the way on this type of property and, as such, there are many construction and moving companies here which specialize in modular properties. These professionals are able to handle all the ins and outs of moving and reconstructing these properties. This guide will provide some insights of what to expect & what needs to be prepared before a move.

Interior and Exterior Preparation

Ultimately what you are looking to move here is the shell of the home, so you will still need to take out all of your possessions prior to the move. As the home is taken to its new destination, it will move about a great deal and anything left inside could end up damaging the property. Exterior objects and skirting must also be removed, as there will be high winds to compete with when the home is on the move.

Preparing The Utilities

All utilities must be completely disconnected and sealed off prior to the removal of the home. This is absolutely critical and it is one of the first steps which must be taken before any work is started.

Safety of the Home

Many people worry about whether or not their home will be safe whilst it is on the move, and whether or not pieces of the home will come apart in transit. There should be no concerns about this however because the property is built for this very purpose. Not only this, but the transit is usually quite slow and all areas of the property will be checked and secured before it is winched onto the removal truck and taken away.

Who Needs to Move The Property

There is no way that this should be done by anyone other than a licensed moving service. There is simply too much risk here for any individual to try and take this on themselves. Custom modular homes are built to be moved but prior to that there are many checks and safety measures which must be carried out. Most companies will offer a full package regarding the preparation, the moving and the setting up of the property on the new site.

New Site Preparation

Before you have arranged the move it is essential that the new site is fully prepared for the arrival of the modular home. This includes meeting with any regional guidelines for the site, a failure to adhere to these means that the property cannot be connected.

Moving to a new site is exciting and modular homes are of course built for this purpose. Despite this however, you have to make absolutely sure that you understand every step of the process and know what you need to do ahead of the move. If you plan well, get a good company on board and give yourself enough time, there is no reason that this will not be a swift and pain-free process.