5 Universal Design Features to Add to your Bathroom

So what is Universal Design? 

Universal Design is the principle of designing the environment so that it caters to everyone independent of their age, size and physical mobility.

Universal Design can be a cost-efficient method in the long run when designing ones home. When people live in one home over a long period of time they will likely encounter issues themselves such as injuries and broken bones while also hosting different types of people that may include elderly individuals or mobility limited individuals.

Using universal design in particular in somewhere like a bathroom is a good idea and be cost-effective in the long term. Universal Design can add value for resale since the home will have convenient elements that many homes do not. The home will be more accessible to a large number of people and increase the number of people interested in the home in particular older people or those who wish to have elderly or disabled visitors.

Universal design features are not only convenient but they also help create a modern and stylish bathroom. Here are 5 Universal Design Features to add to your bathroom.

universal design


Walk in Showers

Using the concept of Universal Design walk in showers make access easier for everyone with a walk in entry to accommodate anyone independent of size and mobility. This is especially useful for people with limited mobility and Walk in showers can look particularly modern and stylish. Most people opt for a wet look floor which is affective. Fit a walk in shower enclosure and you will also help optimise space in the bathroom with a decent functional design that can make the bathroom look much bigger.

Wider Doors

Standard Doors tend to be around 30-32 inches in width. A 36 inch door with universal design can accommodate everyone and while it costs a little more it again can create illusion of more space when open.

Wall mounted sinks

Since wall mounted sinks have no cabinet above or legs underneath they allow good access for wheelchairs. This is a very useful touch and a unique design that can be applied to a modern bathroom to be used by everyone.


Hand-Held Shower Units

A hand-held shower has a number of benefits. Since it can be connected to the wall and also used by hand it can be used in a number of ways. Its versatility is the major benefit. Those who can stand under the traditional shower can do so as normal while those who find it hard to stand or have mobility issues can bring a seat into the shower and use the shower head by hand. They are also good for cleaning the shower especially in a large walk in style shower.


Slip- Resistant Tiles

Slip resistance tiles are great for everyone, especially for those who have children who tend to make a mess with water on the floor. Slip-Resistant tiles prevent falls which is particularly important for homes that host older people.