Consider the Facts: Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo


Time and time again we hear stories of people buying the biggest bargain priced pop up gazebo, yet soon after, finding themselves in need of shelter and comfort due to their cheap, broken bad purchasing choice… Let’s take the time to truly understand the importance of buying a quality heavy duty pop up gazebo.

When deciding which pop up gazebo is right for your next function in your own backyard, it’s super important to consider these three elements. Safety, Protection, and Weight.


It’s crucial to make sure that the roofing on your pop up gazebo is made from a sustainable material. To be able to survive any of the “4 seasons in 1 day” which Melbourne in particular is accustomed to, your canopy needs be waterproof and 100% seam sealed. Steam Sealing is a method that allows the canopy to reach its absolute maximum waterproof capabilities. This is done by applying a liquid sealant inside of the seams, providing maximum and invisible protection. If the canopy you are considering to buy already boasts these features, it is a good idea to double check that it also provides a UV protection of UPF 50+. Sun and rain damage are equally as destructive to your canopy, so ensure your chosen cover can withstand both of these elements.


Heavy duty pop up gazebos will guarantee the safety requirements which you desire. To properly ensure that your pop up gazebo meets the correct standards to be considered ‘heavy duty’ check these characteristics:

  • Is the frame a hex leg?
  • What material is the leg frame made from? Aluminium is best, and also the most affordable heavy duty material.
  • What width is the frame? Between 40 and 50mm is solid.

Strong and reliable pop up gazebos (for example 4X8M) should have a 50mm Aluminium hex leg frame along with a solid cast fixture.


Something which is attractive about choosing an aluminium leg frame, is that it has quite a low density. Making your heavy duty pop up gazebo light and extremely easy to transport. If you know you will need to be visiting different places weekly this becomes a huge advantage which you should certainly look out for before purchasing. What we mean by ‘light-weight’ (keeping in mind the the hexagonal structure of aluminium), examples of different sizes:

  • 3M X 3M should weigh around 37kg (weight in carry bag)
  • 3M X 6M should weigh around 65kg (weight in carry bag)
  • 4M X 8M should weigh around 77kg (weight in carry bag)

It is so important that you choose the pop up gazebo with the characteristics that match what you will use it for most. Just consider the amount of transportation and kind of weather your gazebo will have to endure. Also, remember the stronger the frame the heavier it will be to carry – so we recommend finding a good balance.

We hope this information has helped in your process to find the right heavy duty pop up gazebo. Securing a comfortable, happy place of shelter for you, and your friends and family.