How to Pack for a Golfing Holiday

Packing for a golf trip takes some planning as you will need to ensure that you have everything that you need, but also pack economically so that you don’t end up spending too much extra. If you’re traveling by car then you may be able to get away with taking more, however, if you’re going to play golf on holiday and need to travel by air, packing can be a tricky process. So, here are some handy tips to help you pack well for a golf trip.Golfing Holiday

Roll Soft Clothing:

Along with your golf-specific clothing, if you’re going on holiday then you’re probably planning on taking an assortment of other outfits to wear off the golf pitch. Rolling your clothing, rather than folding, means that each individual item will take up less space in your suitcase and is a handy way of making the most of your space.

Wear Items:

When you’re travelling on a golfing holiday, you might want to take along items such as ladies golf hats for when you arrive. These items will only take up extra space in your luggage, however, you could wear them on the flight to save space. Wearing the heaviest items of clothing that you want to take whilst you fly will save space and weight in your cases.

Get a Golf Travel Bag:

If you are planning to take your own golf equipment with you on holiday, then you will need to get a golf travel bag. Without one, you will still be able to take your equipment, however, it will be tricky to find a bag that fits them and you may need to spend more money to transport it. Depending on the airline that you are travelling with, you may be able to take your golf travel bag along as your cabin luggage, so if this is the case, be sure to take advantage of any space that you have left in it once you have packed your golf equipment.

Use Space Saving Solutions:

When packing for a golf trip and any other holidays that you might go on, space saving solutions can be an excellent way to maximise the amount of luggage space that you have. For example, using vacuum packed bags can help you to squeeze the maximum amount of clothing into your case, however be aware that you’ll need a vacuum to pack them back up again when you return. You can also find suitcase dividers that can come in handy for arranging your belongings.

Choose Versatile Clothes:

When packing for a golf trip, it’s a good idea to choose clothing that you are comfortable wearing both on and off the golf pitch. Rather than packing separate items, you can wear the same outfit for both playing golf and other travel activities that you might be doing, which will save you plenty of luggage space.

Packing your golf equipment, along with clothing and other items to take on an overseas golf trip can be tricky, so hopefully these top tips will make it an easier experience for you!