Why You Can’t Be Complacent about Positive Changes in the Environment

We have reasons to celebrate the positive changes in the environment. We still struggle to eliminate global warming, but we’re doing something. The collective efforts of environmentalists and other individuals made everything possible. Despite these promising signs, the battle is still far from over. We still need to do more if we wish to see favorable changes. Complacency isn’t an option.

There’s more that needs to happen.

While we have made strides in preserving the environment, much more has to happen. We are yet to lower our carbon footprints. We also have to shift to renewable energy entirely. Many countries made it a policy to be less carbon dependent, and we must encourage more countries to do the same. There’s nothing wrong with counting the positive changes, but we can’t stop. 

It’s for the future generation.

Our efforts to save the environment aren’t for ourselves. We’re doing what’s suitable for the future generation, but we are still waiting to see the long-term effects of our actions. Therefore, we can only be complacent once we see that our children are already enjoying what we do. If we stop now, we will return to where we were. The extinction rate of animals will continue at a high pace, and natural resources will continue depleting. We can’t afford to see these things happen. 

Our children look up to us.

We should be role models for our children. When we take the proper steps, they will follow. They must see us doing what’s good for the environment. Start at home. Consider working with trusted recycling facilities like Langley Recycling to recycle items that are still of value. You can’t throw them away since our landfills are already at capacity. Practice recycling and be creative with your trash. If your children see you, they will feel inspired to do the same. 

Some countries are still feeling the wrath of nature.

You might be lucky where you are, as you might not see the impact of global warming and experience severe natural disasters. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about other places, especially coastal ones. Flooding is more powerful in these places. Drought is also an issue since we all need water to survive. If we stop our efforts now, these natural disasters will worsen. Don’t just think about where you are; consider what others are going through. Their efforts aren’t enough, and we have to do it together.

Again, we should pat ourselves on the back for taking the proper steps. More people feel concerned about the environment these days. Even climate skeptics started to change their views due to our loud voices. However, it’s still ongoing. We still need to do more. Besides, we can’t lose the battle close to the finish line. It would be a shame if we can’t fight for the environment and a habitable Earth for the next generation. After the damage done in the past years, we can’t afford to do more. We should reverse these effects and enjoy a better world.