5 Ways to Keep Your Possessions Safe

Whether they are worth a fair amount of money or just hold true sentimental value, many of your possessions likely have value.

That said moving them around, be it when you actually have to move or you are just cleaning in the home, those can be trying times. You worry about them getting damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

No matter what the possessions may be, proper care is not all that difficult when you stop and think about it.

By carefully moving and showcasing the items that matter most to you, you can take a little stress off of your life.

So, are you doing all you can to protect the items in your home that mean the most to you?


Caring for What Matters Most

If a number of your possessions are special to you, here are five tips for preserving them for many years to come:

  1. Care – First and foremost, taking the proper care of them is a necessity. Yes, you may accidentally break something while cleaning or preparing for a move, but those things happen occasionally. Do your best if cleaning to move the items to a safe area, and then return when done. If preparing to move, pack the items carefully, using bubble wrap and other extras to lessen the chances of damage;
  2. Storing – If you’re tight on space at home for some of your favorite items, what about turning to storage units? Yes, you wouldn’t have the items in your home for whatever period of time you determine, but they’d be in a place generally safe. If you do opt to put some important items of yours in storage, be sure to thoroughly check out the unit beforehand. While there are many good storage centers nationwide, it is in your best interests to give them a good review ahead of time. From cleanliness (including the absence of mold and other problems) to a secure location, you want a storage unit where you don’t worry daily about your possessions.

Are the Kids Going to Break Something?

  1. Children – For anyone having grown up with or watched The Brady Bunch years later, one episode comes to mind involving a valued possession. When Peter breaks his mom’s favorite vase, it is safe to say she isn’t happy. While accidents do happen with kids in the house, do your best to keep prize items safe and sound. If you have to, put them in an area where younger kids can’t reach them or possibly damage them while playing inside;
  2. Animals – Potentially as bad as kids in the house (oftentimes worse), your beloved pet or pets can do damage to prized possessions. While they do not normally intend to damage or ruin them beyond repair, such incidents are not uncommon. Just like with young ones, be sure your favorite items can’t be reached by a dog or cat. Given the latter are known for jumping on various items throughout the house, don’t assume an item or items will be secure because it is up off the ground;
  3. Insurance – Last but certainly not least, make sure you have the right amount of homeowner or renter’s insurance for your valuables. If you are in the latter group, keep in mind that as a renter, your landlord is not responsible for covering your possessions with insurance. In the event of a fire, burglary, water damage etc. you could be out not only lots of money, but also without many or all of your valuables. Be sure to have the proper amount of coverage in place. In the event something bad does happen, you can get reimbursed for your troubles and not be left scrambling for money.

Taking Care of Your Life

When it comes right down to it, your family should always be your most prized possession.

That said those possessions that are not human; they do matter to you in one manner or another.

By doing your best to protect them, you will sleep a little better night after night.