How To Clean Your Home Deck

There are many who love to install timber decking which attaches to their exterior door leading from the kitchen, and in doing this it really does encourage usage of the deck. Being able to cook food and eat it alfresco within seconds of it being ready is made so much easier with a kitchen deck. This kind of design also greatly helps to bridge the gap between the outside and the interior of a property.

To those of you who do have a kitchen deck however, it is absolutely critical that you are taking steps to make sure that it stays clean, and in good shape. The dirtier that the timber deck is, the less likely it is that this will be used, which of course defeats the purpose of having it. Here then are some handy tips on how you can keep the decking clean. 

Practice Good Housekeeping 

The best way for you to ensure that you always have a clean deck is to focus on good housekeeping. Sweeping the timber decking after you have used it and making sure that any foliage is cleared away once it falls on the deck, will be essential in keeping it clean. A failure to do this means that over time you will see grime build up on the deck, making it harder for you to clean. 

Cleaning Materials For Timber Decks

Contrary to what many will have you believe, timber can be effectively cleaned using nothing more than warm water and some liquid dish soap. A mixture of this in a bucket can be easy applied with a mop and it will both clean the deck and maintain the quality of the timber. There is a variety of products on the market which you could choose from, but in reality soap and water will get the job done. Sweep first to remove any stones or loose dirt, and then ash the deck with your mop. 

Using Pressure Sprays 

A pressure washer can help to clean grit and grime from the deck but you have to ensure that you do so on a low pressure setting. High pressure water can in fact chip away at the protective stain or treatment which has been applied to the deck, and this will eventually damage the timber decking. A low pressure wash will be enough to clear away the debris and dirt which has accumulated over time. 

Fixing Deck Damage 

When cracks and chips appear on the timber deck this provides the perfect place for weeds to grow and for dirt to accumulate. For this reason it is important that you are on the front foot when it comes to fixing any damage which is caused to the deck. Not only this but damage can worsen over time if it is left without being repaired. Slats can be replaced easily when there is only one or two which are damaged, any more than this could provide quite a hefty job to undertake. 

The key to keeping the deck clean is regular maintenance and ensuring that you clear away any dirt or debris, almost as soon as it hits the deck.