Pros and Cons of Staying At Home During Building Work

My home has undergone a large amount of work in recent years as I try to turn my dated home into something more modern and functional for the family. Each time that we have had major renovation work, we have relied on the great team at Community Builders Tulsa, to do what they do best. During each of these projects, my family and I have been faced with the tough decision as to whether we stay in the property whilst the work is carried out, or whether we should leave for a short while, and let the contractors get on with their work. For the last two jobs, we have put ourselves up in a hotel, and been quite satisfied with this decision. There is no one rule for all in this situation however, and so it is always worth weighing the pros and cons, let’s have a look at the benefits and disadvantages of staying at home.


The process of moving out of the home, for any duration of time, does require some upheaval, and you will need to pack up quite a bit of stuff which you will need for the remainder of the project. Everything is likely to change should you need to move out and you daily routine will be completely flipped upside down. Staying at home then, especially if you have kids, ensures that your daily routine remains the same.

Moving out of home is not cheap and unless you have some family who you can stay with during this time, you will have some large costs to cover your time away. When you are not at home you need to pay for everything from food, laundry and even entertainment, not to mention the cost of a hotel. Staying at home is certainly the cheaper option.


Staying at home presents a great deal of risk as you are effectively living on a construction site. Whether it is exposed electrical wires, tools left on the floor or dust particles flying around the home, there is plenty of risk attached with staying at home during this project.

Building contractors will work far quicker and more effectively if there is nobody home. When you move out whilst they do their work, you will give them more space and less to worry about, which means that they can solely focus on doing their job. This results in not only a faster project, but also one which is likely to cost less money.

Finally, there is a real wow factor which you get when you return to home to see a completed job. When we are home for the duration of the building work, you see the growth bit-by-bit, which takes the edge of the finished article. If you move out and let the team get on with their work, you can have that real wow moment when you return.