4 Reasons Reading is Good for Your Child…And You

Remember those rainy days spent curled up with a good book? Or quiet days spent browsing the library? True bookworms know that reading has countless benefits. But perhaps reading was not your forte as a child. Maybe you struggled with it or just didn’t enjoy it. Even if that is the case, it’s never too late to start a bookworm journey…or to foster a love of books in your child.

 1.      Expanding Vocabulary

Reading can help improve a child’s vocabulary. This is bound to help them out during future classes and in life! Practice makes perfect, so as children continue to read, they’ll get better at it, too. Reading will also help improve their writing skills. This helps with school requirements, sure, but also is a necessary skill out in the real world. A 2007 study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that high schoolers who had more books in their home did better on tests.

 2.      A great source of entertainment…for cheap!

We all know kids can get antsy. Reading can be a great option for entertainment. It allows your child to escape to a fictional world—or learn something new from a nonfiction book. And it can be a very affordable option as well! Check out your local library for the option to check out books for free! You can also purchase cheap books on Kindle or find great deals on books by using this Scholastic coupon! If your child isn’t reading on their own yet, you can have some further bonding moments by reading out loud too your child for fun, memorable times together.

3.      Develop your child’s creativity.

Sure, not everyone will grow up to be the next great artist, musician, author, or actor. But even scientists and politicians need a healthy dose of creativity to find solutions to tough to fix problems. But how do books develop this creativity? Unlike television shows, video games, or movies the books requires a little bit of imagination from its readers. The reader—your child—must picture what is happening in their brain. And in that way, every reader will have a slightly unique experience. No two readers will imagine the events of a novel exactly the same.  

4.      Reading Reduces Stress

Stress levels are bad at any age. But Mindlab International found that reading reduces stress by slowing down the heart rate of the reader. Muscles are also shown to relax. Lower stress will keep your child happier and healthier—and the same can be said for you as well. It’s a win-win situation.

           With all of these compelling reasons to read…why wouldn’t you? Even reading for just ten minutes a day can benefit your child—or you—immensely. And with the large variety of books out in the world, your possibilities are endless. You can choose from fantasy (Harry Potter or Percy Jackson are excellent starts), science fiction, memoirs, nonfiction, mystery (Nancy Drew, anyone?), historical fiction, and so much more. So pick up a book for your child today! It is bound to help in the long run.