Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 

A modern, contemporary look is easy to achieve in any bathroom with smart use of geometric patterns, angular and sleek surfaces and a focus on high quality materials and detailing. What is loosely defined as “modern” is a phenomenon that really gained momentum with the rise of northern European designers in the post-war era, who focused on a no-frills approach that placed function over finery.


Making the most of your smallest room

Modern designs look great in a bathroom of any size, but the clean, sleek and unfussy lines that underpin modern designs work particularly well when space is at a premium.

Any element that makes the best use of all available space, such as a raised wash hand basin on its own pedestal, can be both stylish and eminently practical, as it means there is no need for the basin to be set in a bulky cabinet, making for an elegant and spacious effect.


Marble and glass create a modern and high quality look, but can be expensive. You can create a top quality design using simple bathroom tiles if you choose wisely, yet at a fraction of the cost. Unpatterned tiles in white keep the modern vibe going, and you can always consider livening things up by interspersing a few tiles here and there in a bright primary colour. Tiles are also long lasting and easy to keep clean.

Remember, it is not always an either / or decision that you need to make. Use your imagination to combine different materials and create an effective modern design that is all your own. For example, you might consider pairing ceramic tiles and glass above a vanity unit for an interesting alternative to a conventional mirror.

Colour choices

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the right colour, and it is really a matter of personal taste. The usual focus for a modern look sticks with the simplicity theme, so contrasting base colours of whites, blacks or greys are often the default choice. However, you might find that it looks more industrial than homely, so you could always consider livening up this base with the use of distinctive flashes of colour here and there.

This can either be achieved by the brightly coloured tiles mentioned earlier, or perhaps some stencilled artwork over the tiles.


They say the devil is in the detail, and it is the finishing touches that can make or break the overall look. From taps and overflows to soap dispensers and tissue boxes, there are no end of accessories in a huge range of designs that you can choose from.

Pay close attention to the soft furnishing and towels too. Aside from their functional use, they also serve to add texture to the room, so think about materials, colours and storage. For example, a neat stack of plumped up towels on a stainless steel heated rack can provide the perfect finishing touch, as well as a welcome embrace as you emerge from the shower.