The Top Five Reasons Why Quartz Worktops are an Excellent Choice

Quartz Worktops are great for cutting veggies

For those looking for the ideal worktop, there are undeniably many choices out there. You can opt for a natural stone worktop such as granite or marble (still popular due to their innate beauty), or you can make a more practical choice (yet still benefit from a uniform look and appeal) with a quartz worktop.

Quartz worktops can still be considered a variant of natural stone, as they are made up of about 90% natural stone material, anyway. The only difference is that they are engineered or man-made, and the natural stone pieces are bonded together with resin. This results in a wide variety of colours and patterns that many homeowners like. Following are a few other reasons why quartz worktops are more popular than ever:

  1. A quartz worktop is strong and durable. It can literally last for years, and its colour or hue is not likely to fade, either (unless it is exposed to too much sunlight over time). And, unlike natural stone worktops which are more difficult to work with and install, quartz worktops tend to be more flexible, so they are easier to install.

  1. Quartz worktops, especially quartz worktops London specialists J.R. Stone offer, are known for their non-porous quality. This basically means that with a quartz worktop, you don’t have to worry too much about spills becoming absorbed by the material. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, quartz worktops are definitely a lot easier to clean than other worktop materials. Also, quartz worktops do not require sealing at any time. For those who are too busy to pay too much attention to worktop maintenance, quartz worktops are a brilliant option.

  2. A quartz worktop generally has a great consistency in regards to colour or hue. Since these worktops are manufactured, you can expect to see the same pattern or colour over and over again. So if you are choosing a worktop for your kitchen, you can benefit from a more uniform, consistent look throughout the room with a quartz worktop. With natural stone worktops, the natural veining and colouring may be different from one slab to the next.

  3. Some quartz worktops may still require seams, although there are now large quartz worktop slabs that can fit into a larger kitchen or bathroom. But usually, quartz worktops have a virtually seamless design – or less noticeable seams. This is especially true if you choose a quartz worktop in a darker colour. Additionally, if you are still worried about seams, the seams in a quartz worktop are easier to conceal compared to natural stone worktops or other worktop materials.

  4. A quartz worktop, although not cheap, need not be expensive, either. In fact, most quartz worktops are still cheaper and more affordable than natural stone.

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