Great Leadership Skills You Can Learn in College

Leadership skills can help you in many different ways throughout your life and the acquisition of the majority of these skills will start when you are in college. Regardless of whether you are looking to become a top CEO, a great parent or another cog in the wheel, being a great leader can help you to get a better job, a higher position and become a great educator to your children or to others.

There are some leadership skills which are built into us from birth and there are many others which we will acquire down the years. College in particular is a place where you will learn a great many skills and here are just a few of the skills which college can show you.


As someone who was scared to speak to people when I first entered college to becoming someone who worked on sorority recruitment, I can honestly say that communication is a skill which you will learn in abundance during your time at college. Communication skills is not just about being able to talk to people from different backgrounds but also the ability to listen, both of these skills will be greatly improved during your time at college.


The key skill to anyone who wishes to become a leader is responsibility and you will learn plenty about exactly that in college. Initially there will be the responsibility to look after yourself whilst you are at college, you must meet deadlines and you must work hard to ensure you get great grades. Beyond this, you will need to show responsibility during your courses when you have to take on group projects. During this time you may have many strong egos vying for the limelight and you will need to show a level of responsibility to deliver the task successfully.


Foresight is a great skill for a leader to have and you can learn a great deal about this during your college days. When you are at college you will learn about some pretty radical ideas and thoughts, you will also be energetic and have an open mind and this will help you greatly when it comes to being a leader later in life. It is important to maintain the blue sky thinking once you leave college.


Many think that leaders must be draconian individuals who bark and shout but this is not always the case and leaders must be able to show great levels of empathy. You will learn this first hand as you go through college as those around you struggle through hard times, loneliness, elation and turmoil. This experience which you will gain through being a good friend and a good housemate will really help you out later on down the line when it comes to being a great leader.

Leadership is something that many are born with but the majority are not and during your time in college, you can greatly improve the skills which you do have.