Central American Destinations You Should be Heading to This Year

Central America may not be the first place that you consider when thinking about your vacation options, unfortunately many of its countries have a past that is littered with civil war and drug exploits. Fortunately however, in the main, this is no longer the case and there are several beautiful countries and destinations in this part of the World to suit all tastes. Central America is seeing a rise in tourism in many of its countries and it’s time that you joined the thousands of other tourists that are keen to explore this beautiful corner of the globe. If you have any doubts about traveling to Central America then check out these awesome destinations before you decide against spending your vacations there.

Pico Bonito, Honduras

Honduras has one of the worst reputations of all the Central American countries but don’t be discouraged, much of the problems are in the cities in the center and the south of the country, the north however, is filled with stunning landscapes, beach resorts, idyllic islands and national parks like Pico Bonito. This national park is like a jungle, it has a humid temperature, it is filled with indigenous wildlife such as rare birds and there are free flowing waterfalls and plenty of eco-lodges for you to stay in. The vast Cangrejal river flows through the heart of the park and offers plenty of activities such as rafting, swimming, climbing and much more. Pico Bonito is a perfect way to have an altogether different vacation from the norm.

Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been one of Central America’s most popular destinations for a while now and it’s pretty unsurprising when you consider the beautiful rainforest and beach destinations that it has to offer. Check out a Costa Rica travel guide to see the huge range of destinations in Costa Rica. There are also some hidden gems in Costa Rica that you might not see in most guides and Playa Zancudo is one of them, a relatively secluded 6km stretch of beach that gives tourists the perfect chance to relax in tropical paradise. This area doesn’t just offer coastal beauty but also a large mangrove lagoon nearby, an abundance of wildlife and lots of tiny resorts for you to relax in. The only people you are likely to see here are a few fisherman and the hotel staff, a perfect getaway.

Santa Ana, El Salvador

El Salvador also has a reputation for violence and crime but this has reduced dramatically in the last 20 years and finally tourists can see the true beauty of this outstanding country. One of the countries’ best destinations is Santa Ana, a colonial town that is perfect to spend a few nights to enjoy a relaxing city that is close to some of El Salvador’s best attractions. Just 40 minutes from Santa Ana is the Santa Ana volcano, an active volcano with a huge lake at its peak, you can even take a tour and climb the volcano itself. The city is graced with a glorious backdrop of mountains that look fantastic in the mornings when the fog sits on their peaks. If you want to experience the best of El Salvador then you should be heading to Santa Ana.