Best Cheap First Date Ideas

With a countless number of new smartphone apps such as Tindr, chances are if you are single you are going on more dates than you would have decades ago. It can be emotionally and financially exhausting trying to come up with fun ideas for your first date. Here are some of the best cheap first date ideas that will ensure you and your date have a good time, while not breaking the bank.

If you live near a major city, chances there are at least a few massive and impressive museums you have never been to. Find out a little bit about your date, are they into history, art,  or music and pick a museum that will interest both of you. Modern museums are far from the stuffy places depicted in movies and television, most are curated by hip creative staff whose job it is to keep their museum interesting and relevant.  Several cities such as Seattle and Cleveland have amazing Rock and Roll museums while Science Fiction exhibits are becoming increasingly popular. Modern art museums also try new ideas to keep you interested and many have outdoor summer-time exhibits as well as all night experiences. While you may have some sticker shock when you see the standard entrance fee at well-known museums in cities like Chicago and New York, many museums offer discount rates or even free admission on certain days of the month. Remember the full admission price is usually aimed at tourists but if you are a local you can plan accordingly and often get into a museum at little to nothing. Museums are perfect or first dates because they are quiet but not claustrophobic like coffee shops can be. Museums give you something to talk about with your date without seeming artificial, plus it shows that you are someone who enjoys new experiences.

cheap first date ideas
Pre-dinner Stroll
The idea of dinner and movie never made much sense to me as a first date. You won’t get to know anybody while staring at a screen, plus half the fun of a movie is stuffing your face with popcorn and candy but who wants to do that after you just had dinner, especially with someone you just met! So instead of the movie, opt for a walk to the restaurant (I don’t mean from your car!) Maybe make reservations and a hip place downtown but meet your date a park a few miles away. This will give you time for a leisurely stroll, ideally exploring a neighborhood neither of you have experienced. You may see some unexpected shops along the way that at the very least will be good conversation starters. Though simple, it may also come across as romantic and classic without seeming like you are trying to hard. Also, instead of a traditional restaurant you could walk to a hot new food truck, saving you a few bucks and giving you a reason to walk. One last tip, be sure to tell your date that you plan 0n walking because you don’t want them showing up in uncomfortable shoes as this could quickly ruin the mood! A pre-dinner walk is one of our favorite cheap first date ideas.

If you want to have a memorable first date without spending too much money consider a nice pre-dinner stroll or a night at the museum. We hope our best cheap first date ideas work as well for you as they have for us!