Are Pre-Season Football Games Important?

For those who like to bet at the sportsbook, this can be a challenging time of year. Most sporting seasons are over until mid-August, and that leaves very little to place bets on. This leads many to turn to the likes of casino games or online real money pokies to get their kicks, but there are some games which you can look to wager on. Pre-seasons friendlies take place across the world, as teams look to fine tune ahead of the season ahead. The question is however, whether or not these games are important, and whether they are worth betting on? Let’s take a look. 

Importance of Games

These games are most certainly important, but you have to look into why. In most cases, when it comes to big football teams, these games are important from a commercial aspect, which is why you should approach with caution when it comes to betting. If you see that a team has gone for a tour of the USA or China, it is best not to place any bets. These games are essentially business trips, and the lineups can chop and change very easily. We often see big teams lose such games, which is why you should leave the money in your pocket

In The Run Up 

The best games to place bets on are those which occur in the final weeks before the season begins. When it comes to placing bets with the best online casinos USA sportsbooks offer some great odds on these games, especially if they are against teams in the same country. These are the games where the managers are trying out tactics and lineup changes, which they plan to use throughout the season. No manager wants to see their side losing games before the season, as they want to create that winning mentality. This is why if you are going to place any pre-season friendly bets, they should be on these final games. 

Concerns Around Pre-Season Friendly Betting 

Unfortunately for those who do like a weekly football bet, it is often too tempting to not place bets on these pre-season friendlies. The issue so often however is that the punter has little idea about the opposition, or the starting lineups, which puts them at a disadvantage. The thrill of placing a bet on a football game again is there to be had, but the chances of winning are diminished and the odds are usually very poor indeed. The best course of action is to just wait until the season has commenced. 

And so the best advice we can give is to keep your stakes small when having a punt on these games, and to try and do as much research as possible. Focus on those final pre-season games of the break, and always check to see what kind of odds other sportsbooks may have. In reality most of these games are not important, unless you have a commercial interest in the side which is playing.