World’s Strangest Movie theaters

Movies are more popular than ever before and more people are getting the opportunity to see today’s blockbusters in cutting edge digital cinemas. Though this is a nice luxury for most, sometimes we long for the more unique, interesting, and strangest movie theaters that will give you a far different experience than your local mall Megaplex.
strangest movie theatres

Outdoor movies have become increasingly popular over the past few years but Cinespia @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery sets the bar high (or low) by showing late night movies (mainly horror films) at one of the country’s most famous cemeteries.  Whether or not this is in good taste is debatable but it is definitely one of the strangest movie theaters around. Also, they let you bring your own beer and snacks along with you to the movies so that may be worth it alone. If you want to enhance the spookiness of your favorite films, try seeing them on under full moon at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Archipelago Cinema
Located in Southern Thailand, Archipelago Cinema was (it was only built temporarily) a floating cinema located in a beautiful Thai lagoon. Patrons were ferried onto the floating platforms to enjoy films in possibly the world’s most beautiful location. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the Archipelago (like most of us) I’m sure you are kicking yourself for only finding about it now!

Seattle’s single screen downtown Cinerama theaters is the best of both worlds, combining cutting edge technology with retro style. Owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Cinerama has long been considered a labor of love, putting the experience above all else. The theatre offers a 6P laser projector to provide the best in 3d and 2d images. It also has a very high-end Dolby Atmos sound system and for an added bonus the bathrooms have their own speakers so you can follow the movie even if you have to take a bathroom break (a possibility because they also serve delicious locally brewed beer.) Built in 1963 the Cinerama has fun details like a full balcony of seats while offering the best in sound and image, this is what best and strangest movie theaters in the world.

Nokia Ultra Screen
Residents of Thailand must really love their movies because they made our list twice. Ever wish you could get a foot rub while watching the latest blockbuster? Well at Bangkok’s Nokia Ultra Screen that dream is a reality. The luxury doesn’t stop there, this Thai movie theaters offers free snacks and motorized seats. Still not impressed? It also offers a massive IMAX screen and free cookies and bottomless popcorn. All this for about the same as a standard movie in America! While the foot massage does make the Nokia Ultra Screen one of the world’s strangest movie theatres, remember it is Thailand. The other amenities cement this movie theatre as one of the best in the world. So if you want a taste of luxury and find your self in Bangkok, check out the Nokia Ultra Screen.

So whether you like luxury, the macabre, beautiful landscapes, or classic meets high-tech; check out some of these strangest movie theaters and prepare for a once in a lifetime experience!