Why attention to user experience for online casinos will end a bout of frustrated customers

The user experience for online casinos impacts how many walk through their virtual doors for return visits

The technological revolution of gambling has helped the industry no end. The online and mobile markets are massive for the gambling industry and it’s essential that their needs are catered to.

The importance of a good user experience for online gambling and casino sites such as Redflush casino cannot be undermined.

The statistics speak for themselves: Investor reports from Gala Bingo revealed that their mobile penetration increased from 18% to 45% in just one year, equating to almost half. In addition to this, mobile gaming now represents 35% of Paddy Power’s and and 27% of William Hill’s online revenues.

Every Matrix recognize that when producing next generation sportsbooks and casino platforms, it is important to entirely build the front end especially for each client. Such attention to detail should include essential and very accessible navigational choices but have as few of these as possible.

For ultimate user satisfaction, the journey-to-task completion ought to be as short-lived as possible. The reason for this is if a game takes lightyears to find then users aren’t going to stick around for long as a frustration doesn’t allow for a good user experience, however, if players are able to find and play games quickly, it means more playing time. Thus both the site and user are both benefitting.

Visuals are also highly important when it comes to a decent user experience. Large icons are known to increase engagement. Though it means fewer options will appear on the screen at any one time, the icons which are shown on screen will be clearer and as a result, the tap area will be larger. Such effective navigation will cause less frustration and again allow for more playing time rather than time wasted searching.

Another way to minimalize the journey-to-end completion is to add a personalization feature to a site. More often than not customers are bound to take advantage of this option as it allows them to create a games list perfect for them and reduces their amount of clicks.

Whilst constructing the site, it’s important for developers to put themselves into the shoes of customers and consider the user experience for online casinos. To decide how a site should be structured, recognize that a customer’s needs first and foremost will be to play games, deposit and withdraw funds and of course to sign up. And every once in a while they will find themselves browsing so be sure to add new games and promotions in easy to find places as they’ll definitely be seen in-between games.

Lastly, it is essential to ensure it is easy for a customer to check their balance as it is likely they will wish to do this regularly when playing to see if their money as gone into or exited their account.

Spending a lot of time constructing a site and contemplating user experience will allow for less frustration for customers and in turn will result in returning users which of course is better for business. So many people are online nowadays so to ignore such a market would be unforgivable for the gambling industry.