Top 5 Action classics for your next movie night

Ever organised a movie night only to spend ages deciding what to watch? Not to worry, bgo has got you covered with a list of action films to re-watch for those cool summer nights spent inside with popcorn and good company! Poll our list with your friends and family before the movie night to decide which one to watch for a hassle-free get together.

Our infographic opts for iconic action films since we know they’re a crowd-pleaser. Plus, they make for great viewing thanks to all the action scenes, car chases, and plot twists and turns. From an exotic island trip gone wrong in King Kong, to a dystopian future in The Matrix, to a thrilling adventure in ancient Egypt with The Mummy, these classics are sure to be a hit as much as the time they hit the box office.

And once you’re done re-watching our recommendations, you can continue re-living the action with bgo’s online slots featuring each of the movies in our list.