The Winning Recipe for Youthful Skin

Every woman wants to live a full life; one with adventure, big wins, and excitement from sun up to sun down. We see this life in the movies and fall in love with the stories and how no matter what the heroine goes through, she comes out looking like a million dollars in the end. Perhaps she gets a little dirty but it all cleans up so easy and she looks no worse for wear.

In reality however, the heroine would actually end up in the hospital, have an extended stay in bed, or at very least with a case of really bad skin.

See skin is very delicate and needs care in order to look as good as those movie heroines. So all of the explosions and rolling around in the mud would wreak havoc on her skin. This is not to say that I would change anything about these films. But in real life a woman needs to adopt certain behaviors in order to make sure her skin looks good. Here are a few:

Adapt a Skin Care Ritual

There are many different types of skin. Some women have oily or dry skin, while other have combination skin meaning some areas of the face is oily while others are dry. A woman needs to understand what type of skin she has and then adopt a ritual to care for that type of skin. There are great products available that cater to your skin no matter what type of skin you have.

Additionally, there are certain actions for caring for the skin that every woman needs to adopt. These include using anti-wrinkle creams and taking supplements that support healthy and vibrant skin. Jeunesse is an industry leader in these types of products and provides a complete line up of effective creams, foods and supplements that not only support great looking skin but also make you healthier.

These products include: Luminesce, an anti-aging skin care line formulated to deliver all day results, Advantage-4™, a food supplement for women only that enhances the immune system and helps keep skin looking healthy and youthful.

Take Steam Baths

For thousands of years women have used steam baths for their wonderful benefits to the skin. A steam bath utilizes a generator in an enclosed shower to create steam that goes deep into the pores and does the following to promote good skin:

Improves Circulation: The steam from a steam bath produces a type of heat that causes the blood vessels to widen and carry more life giving blood throughout your body. This additional blood goes to skin cells and makes them healthier.

Hydrates the skin: The skin needs consistent hydration in order for it to look and be its healthiest. The steam in a steam bath gets deeps into the pores and adds needed water that causes the skin cells to become fuller and livelier. This hydration is a key element for healthy skin and steam showers provide it in abundance. Partnered with the best hydrating serums, you will notice your skin more supple and less irritated.

You can buy steam baths for the home these days. They can be a bit pricy but the benefits to your skin are worth the cost.

Take care of your skin and it will take care of you. Follow these tips and have younger looking skin.