Podiatrist Maroubra Guide

If you’ve ever had food pains, then you already know that many people don’t know that they can look into finding a podiatrist, especially in the Maroubra area. Fortunately, there is a team of doctors (more on that later) that provide excellent podiatry services to help ease our achy feet and manage to have some of the best customer experience around. In this guide however, we’re going to tell you what to look for in a great podiatry office first.

Experience is Essential

There are a lot of doctors out there. While you may go to a doctor’s office in a clinic, you may be surprised that they don’t have the actual podiatry experience that a professional podiatry office would have. At the same time, by going to a podiatrist, you can spot those that don’t have much experience right off of the bat as well. You should always find out what kind of experience and how many years of service your doctor has in the podiatry field alone, because the best podiatrists can quickly answer any problems just by looking at your foot nearly immediately.

Check The Podiatrist Referrals

Most doctors’ offices have a website these days, and with that being said, word of mouth is still an excellent resource. Ask around your neighborhood to see if anybody mentions the podiatry office you’re considering when asking what the best one is for them. At the same time, check website reviews, and even testimonials to ensure that they’re the best of the best. Don’t disregard negative comments, but pay close attention to office responses, and almost anyone can often see when it’s the problem of the patient and not the actual clinic itself.

Make Sure They’re Not Too Old-Fashioned

There are some great physicians and podiatrists out there who offer services to people who have been going to them for years. The problem is, if they’re not up to date on the latest technology, like thermal scanning, custom orthotics, as well as ways to treat numerous ailments, not just treating your feet, but your entire leg, then you may want to look elsewhere. It doesn’t mean that they’re a bad doctor, they’re just probably set in their ways, and you may not be getting the best treatment possible.

Make Sure They Accept Your Insurance and Are Convenient

As far as convenience is concerned, make sure their office is open during times you can get to them. Not only that, but you would much rather hire a local doctor rather than drive literally hours, or even most of your day to go to an appointment. Ask questions when you first visit your podiatrist if they accept your insurance, and if they don’t, see what types of services they can provide as an out-of-network for your insurance coverage, or other options (for those who don’t have valid insurance).


For the best podiatry in the Maroubra area, you’ll want to make sure you look into Maroubra Podiatrist, Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, located in NSW. They even have 2-hr free parking nearby the clinic, and offer numerous services to treat everyone young and old, to ensure that your foot health is in tippy-top-toe shape.