How To Turn Inspiration Into Reality

The word inspiration is often thrown about too easily and many people who say they are ‘inspired’ by someone, are usually only inspired in the short term, before continuing their lives as before. Personally there are many people who have genuinely inspired me over the years, people like Pedro Martin Terra Group CEO, his career has inspired me personally as I seek a career in real estate law. What inspires me about Pedro is the way in which he went from law practice to real estate devilment with seamless ease, and the plaudits he has received ever since. I have always tried to use this inspiration for good, and here is how I think you can turn that inspiration you feel, into something which you can use.

Find The Relationship

Noting someone who has done something great is one thing, actually being inspired by them is something entirely different and the key is for you to find the link between someone inspirational, and applying it to your own life. For example you may be inspired by Gandhi, a peaceful man who lived an incredible life, but what parallels can you draw between his actions and yours. If you can’t find the link, look elsewhere for inspiration which applies to you. 

Follow The Right People

Finding the relationship between being inspired and being able to use it in your own life is about finding the right people to be inspired by. With this in mind, it is crucial that you look at what you are trying to do, and then finding the people who can inspire you to do it, do it better, and find the success that you are looking for. You may look at a famous movie star and be inspired by their story, but if the only relationship is that they found success against the odds, perhaps you need someone new.

Don’t Forget

Many of us will hear or read about a truly inspirational person and their story, and then days later forget about it entirely and go on living our lives as we did before. In order to turn this inspiration that you feel, into something palpable that you can use, you need to ensure that you are constantly reminded of it. A great way that I think can help you in this regard, is to use quotes or short notes which can remind you of the story that inspired you so much. Personally I like to fill the notes on my phone and then every couple of days, I use these notes to remind myself of the inspiration, and it also acts as an opportunity to check yourself against what it is that you are looking to do.

Inspiration is absolutely everywhere and it is up to us to not only find that inspiration, but also use it in order to better ourselves, and find the success that we are looking for.