How to Make The Most From Social Media For Your Business

Everyone always talks about just how important social media can be for your business, but few people elaborate on exactly what you can use the various social media channels for. We all know that there are millions of people using social media every day, but other than being followed and liked, what is that your business can use social media for, in order to bring you more success?

I have spent a great deal of team working with small businesses, in the hope of bringing them more profit and as part of that, we use social media for a number of activities, let’s take a look.


Recruitment has changed somewhat thanks to job vacancy websites rather than physical boards in the office, but social media has taken this one step further. You can use a site such as LinkedIn, a social media channel designed for professionals, to seek out the very best staff for your vacancy. On the LinkedIn profile of a user you can view their skills, their work history and their qualifications, and then contact them about the job. You can use Facebook to post your job in a number of groups which would find it of interest and you can even use social media to get shift workers in to plug gaps. Application ShiftPixy puts you in touch with temp workers who are skilled and available, and you can upload shifts which you need filling, and hey presto.


The biggest reason why I tell my clients to get on social media is so that they can use this for marketing purposes. There is no other form of marketing in the world that costs as little, and promotes you to as many people as social media will and you must get in on the action. Through the sharing of photos, videos, links and written content, you can truly showcase your business, its products and services, to a wide number of people. The smarter that you are in terms of creativity, the more traction your ads will get, an the more people that will head over to you business. You can also pay for advertising on social media which can help you drill down into your target demographic, but even if you don’t, it is still a fantastic tool for marketing.

Speaking With Customers

having a two way conversation with you customers to see what they like about you business, what they would like you to improve and picking their brains about what kind of things they would like to see, is not always easy to achieve. With social media however, this is exactly what you can do and through engaging with your customers, you can really help to build their trust in your brand. actively engaging with your customers puts a human face on what you are doing, and encourages more loyalty to you business, something which is essential in these times of fierce competition.