There Are no Obstacles, Only Opportunities for Creation

They say that life is what we make it. However, throughout life, we are faced with many obstacles and struggles. This is particularly true if you are an artist, because you will have all the same struggles as ordinary people do, while at the same time having those very people telling you that you are following a pipe dream. If you have the courage to go to music college, therefore, you should start by giving you a pat on the back.


What Is Life?

Life is a series of fears and struggles, and failures and successes. Sometimes, people help us out to some degree to get to a success but, most of the time, we have ourselves to thank for everything that we achieve. Life is short, so you need to make sure that you try as hard as you can to live your dreams. What you have to do is find a way not to just exist, but to actually live. And if you truly believe that you are an artist, you need to follow that dream.

You, nobody else, is in charge of your own life. And you are in control over some things happening, and other things not happening. You need to live your life to the full, while also giving yourself the greatest opportunities. It is about seeing the difference between a pipe dream (busking on a street corner and being handed a million dollar, multi-record deal), and truly following your dreams (enrolling in music college and actually making something out of your skills). Every one of us can live a life full of satisfaction and fulfillment, so long as you’re ready to grab every opportunity.

If you truly are looking for happiness, you need to learn about what matters to you. If you are an artist, this can be quite difficult because of the outside influences telling you that what you are doing is not a good idea. But you are strong, and you can do what you want to do and make others, but particularly yourself, proud. Go to college and learn about your passion (with the added benefit of learning important transferable skills should things not quite work out).

Life is full of obstacles, but all obstacles have solutions. Whenever you are faced with an obstacle, you have an opportunity to review where you are going. And, when you overcome those obstacles, you can look back and see how strong you are. That is where the true enjoyment in life lies, and where you can build your passion, whether that is in music or not.

Those who attend music college have two things in common: they have passion for music and they want to focus on their passion. Some will end up musicians, some will end up teachers, some will move away from the industry as a whole. But all followed their dreams and believed in what they can do, and they all did it.