Jay Eitner – Setting the Right Tone for Student Learning in New Jersey

There’s no doubt that the vast majority of parents want what is best for kids. This is proven by the amount of time energy and money that they spend on them throughout the year. Exorbitant amount of capital they pay for clothing, food, education, and entertainment, is a testament to their goal of making sure that the children have everything they need to be comfortable, and to excel in their lives.

In New Jersey parents have the same feelings about the children. They want them to do better in their lives they did and they know that this requires better education. But they also know that education today means more than just great science, and English classes and teachers with the will and energy to impart the right knowledge and their students. It also means having all of the things that support good education. Experts like Jay Eitner agree that these additional focus areas contribute to a quality education for all New Jersey students.

Secure School Campuses

Unlike when today’s parents or in public school, school today can be dangerous. The country has been overrun by incidences of angry students, teachers, and other citizens targeting school campuses with violence. These attacks often don’t have any forewarning, and they happen so quickly that the damage is done before any defense can be mounted.

The federal government has instituted policies designed to spot and intervene when students exhibit anger tendencies or become loners on school campus. Then engage these students with counselors and bringing their parents and other relatives in sessions designed to diffuse any anger. All indications are that these strategies can be effective when a problem is noticed early, but all too often they are not noticed early and disaster strikes. The number of on campus School tax has steadily increased throughout the country. As a result, more stringent preventative measures have been instituted.

New Jersey for example now has screenings at nearly all of its public high schools. These screenings start in the parking lot where campus security examine students entering the school grounds. They pay close attention to any unusual behavior and flag those students who are consistent problems.

They also limit entrances in the schools so that all students must be visually identify before they can into the school. ID cards are checked and there are also metal detectors that students must go through. Further there are security guards placed around the school and the campus ensuring that no incidences of school violence occurs.

Although these measures seem extreme, they aren’t actual reflection of the environment that exist Public Schools not only a New Jersey, but across the country. This approach has allowed students to feel safe and secure and to spend their time focused on learning and being kids.

Diversity Sensitivity Agendas

In most neighborhoods throughout New Jersey, Public Schools are fully integrated and include students I’m just about every ethnic and racial background. But even though the kids in the school may walk by those who are very different than themselves, often they don’t really interact with each other. It is important 4 interactions with those who are different to happen, at a young age and while opinions about people, cultures, and the world are still being formed. The school campus is the perfect environment for this interaction, but sometimes you needs to be a catalyst.

Schools are now functioning as that catalyst and are actively putting diverse groups together by creating projects that cause students to work together as a group amongst peers with whom they might not otherwise have interaction. The combination of the new experiences and the goal setting of the group or powerful and undoubtedly new bonds get formed between those who might never have even had a conversation with each other.

These strategies which have been instituted by the school board and superintendent, are important for creating a healthy environment where learning can thrive.