What jobs can I get from a Law Degree?

A law degree is one of the most reputable degrees available and a pathway to some fantastic job prospects. There are some jobs that require a law degree while there are plenty of other jobs where a law degree would be useful.

If you are interested in studying law at University or you have graduated and are looking to find a new legal job it is worth looking into your options. There are plenty of options indeed and listed below are some of the best jobs that can be acquired through a law degree.

law job


Barristers provide expert law advice to their clients and represent them in court. They tend to specialise in one particular area of law and become experts in this field. Most Barristers are self-employed and work on building their reputation through successfully defending clients.

Salaries for qualified barristers start at 53,000 and go all the way up to £100,000 a year with experience.



Unlike barristers solicitors are the jacks of all trades. When it comes to law they provide clients with general broad services. Work is very varied and is not repetitive. Those that first qualify as solicitors stay with a firm for a year and participate in training. Solicitors have great career paths and have opportunities from the start.

Young solicitors work long hours and the job can be stressful. It is also very financially rewarding with starting salaries from £20,000 to £40,000 a year. Larger firms in the city pay even more from £65,000 to £80,000 a year.

Chartered Legal Executive

Becoming a Chartered Legal Executive means you have become a qualified lawyer in a specific area of law. Your job here is to provide legal support to your clients and advise your clients on any legal action that is taken.

The first step here is to complete a course set by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Once you qualified your are then entitled to become a partner at a law firm where you can take a cut of the firms profits. This step may go quicker if you already have your law degree.

Salaries when qualifying start at £15,000 but upon completion of your course your salary will rise dramatically up to £38,000. After 3 years in the profession this can reach as much as £55,000.


Once educated at University in Law you can go onto become a Paralegal. Paralegals work for Law Firms and Attorneys and  Government offices providing support to them. Affectively a paralegal is a qualified person who works as a legal assistant.

Unlike Solicitors and Barristers Paralegals cannot offer Legal Advice, set legal fees or represent clients in court. They assist law firms reviewing documents and are not the same as lawyers. There are much higher paid and regarded jobs that you can do with a law degree but this is an option.

Licensed Conveyancer

A licensed Conveyancer is a legal professional who specialise in Property laws. Licensed Conveyancers work with clients when buying and selling properties by advising clients on documents and contracts with regards to all legal matters involving the sale of a property. With a degree after 3 years in the job your salary can range from £25,000 to £50,000.