Feeling good in your own clothes

Women’s fashion, in this season, appears to be following some earlier trends. Throwbacks include an updated version of the epitome of ’80s cool skinny jeans and distressed denim, swing dresses that sashay, cropped pants that range from dressy to khaki, updated peasant tops and figure fitting graphic T-shirts, not to even mention shoes. Dressing should be simple for the modern girl, but even so, it can be troublesome for the non fashion-conscious. Nevertheless, today’s fashions allow all women to dress comfortably and confidently.

Most fashion magazines are a reflection of what sells on the sales racks. Also, by virtue of fashion, retailers must focus on those most likely to wear trendy fashions, but more importantly, who buy clothing; primarily a young, energetic population that wants style choices reflecting their youth. Even though many of these items can be worn by those of all ages, not all women feel comfortable or confident in clothing that accentuates every curve and dimple.

The age-old concern of “what to wear” is still relevant to contemporary women. Wearing trendy, attractive clothing sometimes conflicts with wearing clothes that might be dated but are so, so comfortable. In fact, feeling comfortable and confident in one’s clothing can really affect a person’s mood and attitude throughout the day. Whether wearing fashionable heels that pinch the toes or trendy ill-fitting skirts, women often face choosing style over comfort, sometimes making themselves miserable. However, because of the many different fashion choices and their versatility, women can actually dress stylishly while being comfortable and thus confident.

Choose season-to-season staples

Regardless of the person’s occupation or the event, women can update their wardrobes by choosing staples that can be worn for more than one year and then accessorizing those pieces with trendy scarves, jewelry or belts. For example, a basic solid V-necked rayon dress can be dressed up with a braided belt (leather or chain-linked) and worn under a light blazer. This same dress can be worn alone, with a pair of dressy, strappy sandals. This versatility allows the wearer to update her style simply.

Furthermore, do not forgo quality because of cost. Purchasing quality staples that are durable as opposed to cheaper items might save money in the long run. A good, basic winter coat, for instance, that costs twenty dollars more but can be worn several seasons is better than choosing a less durable but cheaper one.

Choose both comfort and style

Women do not have to give up style for comfort, and comfort is measured by the wearer. For example, one can exchange traditional office slacks for a pair of dressy leggings or mid-rise or soft-textured trousers. Would-be fashionistas can also exchange the conventional office skirt or dress for a number of professional-looking swing, cami, and midi dresses. Exchange sexy push-up bras that usually make a woman feel attractive for equally comfortable underwear, for example, the more comfortably fitting Genie Bra, that goes up to size 3X.

Think outside the box

Shopping for many women can be an exercise in futility, forcing them to purchase items that can be worn other ways. For one, the experience of going into a shop, seeing a well-dressed mannequin, and imagining oneself in that very same outfit often contradicts with the actual fitting room experience. Women should not forgo the article of clothing because the item does not look exactly as it should. In this case, shoppers should play around with style to find a comfortable fit. That same V-necked dress discussed earlier might be too short for a tall woman but can be worn as a shirt over a dressy pair of trousers, accompanied by boots or heels. Also, adopt non-traditional styles that can be converted to everyday office or casual wear. Kimonos that look like long cardigans that can be worn with a pair of jeans, and appropriate shirts or saris (which can be worn in various ways) that can be worn with a blouse and a sweater, are examples of clothing versatility. By looking at fashion creatively, shoppers become confident in pioneering style choices that make them comfortable, that set trends of their own and that help them take ownership of their own fashion purchases.

Fashion is not just an art. Fashion is very personal for everyone and a reflection of the person. Fashion’s importance lies in the fact that it conveys to the world an identity and a confidence in priding oneself in looking great. Fortunately, for women today, they have a number of options from which to choose.