Dean Toriumi MD Reveals all You Need to Know to Have a Beautiful Nose

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. As such, it is no surprise that many people aren’t happy with the way theirs look. Thankfully, they can now see professionals like Dean Toriumi MD and have rhinoplasty, also known as the “nose job” completed. Rhinoplasty is not just for those who simply aren’t happy with their nose, however. Some have deformities, others having breathing problems, others have experienced trauma. Rhinoplasty can change the position and size of the nostrils, the nasal tip, the bridge, and more.

Dean Toriumi MD on the Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the procedure that helps to reshape the nose. However, there are many different types, including:

  1. Open rhinoplasty, which is used for major reshaping work. Someone will be placed under general anesthetic for this. Vertical strips of skin, which separate the nostrils, are cut in this case.
  2. Closed rhinoplasty, which is used for minor changes. The slit is made in the nose itself.
  3. Secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty, which is offered when someone has already had a procedure but remains unhappy about the results.
  4. Filler rhinoplasty, whereby fillers are injected into the nose to remove depressions. It can also change the angle of the tip of the nose, or make the nose look smaller.

How Does Rhinoplasty Work?

The procedure follows a number of well-defined steps, although these do vary depending on the type of rhinoplasty that is being used. Primary procedures can take between one and three hours to complete, whereas secondary can take much longer. Overall, there are four steps to go through:

  1. Anesthesia is applied, whereby the patients is sedated to have the procedure completed. General anesthetic is almost always recommended, except with fillers, where a local anesthetic is usually more than sufficient.
  2. The incision is made, after which the surgery itself commences.
  3. Reshaping commences, which is where the nose is shaped into the desired outcome.
  4. The incision is closed, allowing the nose to begin healing.


After rhinoplasty, most people want to see the results straight away. However, it can take as much as a year for the full results to be visible. Additionally, you won’t be able to breathe out your nose for at least one day, and you may also experience some pain. Some people have black eyes as a result as well.

The Cost of Rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty can vary tremendously. It depends on the type of procedure that has to be completed, who performs the surgery, and where in the world you are. Some places, such as Thailand and Mexico, are notorious for having very affordable treatment, for instance, but this can also be risky as you don’t really know where you are going. The most experienced surgeons, meanwhile, can also charge the most. Sometimes, rhinoplasty can cost as much as $15,000, although it can also be as little as $700 for procedures like fillers.