The Most Famous Celebrities who Love Bingo

If you’ve ever wondered who plays bingo, then you might be in for a big surprise – it may once have been referred to as a game for the pensioner crowd, but those days are long gone. The game has a rich history and has withstood the test of time; for more than five hundred years this game has entertained people from all walks of life, and like all the other classics (chess, for example), it will continue to do so for many centuries more. Have you ever wondered whom you might meet in a bingo hall or in a live online game? Get excited, because here they are: here are the most famous celebrities who love bingo!

The Queen and the Prince


Yes, that’s right; royalty enjoys shouting out ‘Bingo!’ To be fair, very little is known about what exactly goes on during the private party of such privileged people, but it is known, however, that both the Queen and Prince William enjoy the occasional game of bingo. The Queen does it for fun, whilst the Prince was known to visit a popular hall for bingo in 2006 near the military academy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

This actress was born in Wales – which is probably where her love for bingo was born as well. She has been playing bingo throughout her life, and is well known for hosting great bingo parties for close friends and family. She does seem to prefer the US version, however – which has 75 numbers instead of the more popular UK version with 90 numbers.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe actually had a job calling out the bingo numbers before he became famous and his acting career took off – unfortunately (or fortunately) the job was not long-lived because he was known to use foul language when calling out the numbers.

Denise van Outen

This one is really a bingo fanatic! She’s been known to try to persuade colleagues to join her.

And there are many more!

Would you be surprised to encounter the following high-profile people at your next game?

  • Katie Price
  • Ricky Tomlinson
  • Stacey Solomon
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Barbara Windsor
  • Kerry Katona
  • And many more…

So go ahead and play your favourite game – and play it with pride! There are people from all walks of life who enjoy this game, and for very good reason. Not only is it a game of chance and quick wits that gives you hours of entertainment, it’s also a game wherein, before you know it, you’re checking your luck and your quick reflexes against those of some of the most famous people on earth. Now you know which celebrities bingo attracts.

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