Can You Do Better with Money?


For many individuals, the notion of getting ahead can at times seem like a pipe dream.

Despite their best efforts to earn and save money, they can’t get to where they want to go. As a result, frustration can oftentimes set in.

When shaking your head looking at your bank account, have you given up hope? If the answer is yes, did you act too soon?

Often, there are opportunities out there for you to get back on your feet financially. In many instances, it means doing whatever extra is necessary to get there.

So, can you do better with money?

Try Some Different Avenues

To feel better about your money situation, consider the following:

1. Changing jobs

In many instances, one’s job is why they’re falling more and more behind. One way to go about fixing that is finding a better paying position. Sure, the job market has proven to be quite challenging at times, but that does not mean one should give up hope.

About your particular situation, keep your eyes and ears open to the job market. This is true even when you have a current job. There is nothing wrong with trying to find something better for you. There’s a good chance your boss is doing the same in his or her position.

Before you ever turn in a resignation, make sure you have something of equal or better value lined up. One of the biggest financial mistakes you can make is quitting a job without another one in the pipeline.

2. Adding a roommate

If your present renting or mortgage situation is bogging you down, has the time come to get a roommate?

For many people in this exact scenario, the answer is yes.

Now, how do you go about finding someone you will connect with? Even if you do not become good friends, you want someone who leaves drama at the front door. That includes paying the rent on time and not being a nuisance around your home.

In adding a roommate, be sure you do a thorough online check on them.

Among the things you’d prefer to learn:

· Financial history

· Any run-ins with the law

· Job status

· If they tend to bounce around often

The last thing you want is someone who is bad with money, has a criminal past, can’t hold a regular job, and is on the move often.

3. Cutting your debt

If you’ve not been particularly handy with credit cards, this can be one of the reasons you’re not doing well with money.

Whether you owe a lot of money on one card or the debt is among several, do your best to get that amount lowered fast.

By only sending in a minimum payment each month, you are prolonging the financial agony. Always try to send in extra money towards your credit card payment. Doing so brings your debt down in a faster manner, along with reducing the interest you are paying.

Last; try to use cash as often as possible when buying products and services moving forward.

Even though cash may be tight, most tend to spend less when they keep the plastic in their wallets and purses.

When looking to do better with money, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?