Can’t Decide between a Freestanding Bath and a Built-In Bath? Here’s Your Important Guide

Bathrooms are not really complete without the addition of a nice bath. Whilst a shower is all well and good, especially if you are in a hurry, it’s still nice to relax in a bath at the end of a long, tiring, and stressful day. With a bath in your home, you can indulge and pamper yourself and make your bathing experience a truly intimate one with music, candles, aromatherapy, and more.

But if you can’t decide between a freestanding bath and a built-in (or inset) bath, here are the most important facts you should know.

The difference between the two

Will you choose a Freestanding Bath or a built-in bath?

The difference between a freestanding bath and a built-in bath is pretty obvious at first glance. First of all, a freestanding bath is inspired by the more classic claw-foot baths of old, and is often placed in the centre of many bathrooms to serve as an attractive focal point. Of course, nowadays, you can also choose to have your freestanding bath installed in a corner or against a wall of your bathroom, which adds to their versatility.

An alcove, inset, or built-in bath, however, is designed to be placed right against the bathroom wall. In some cases, the built-in bath can run across the whole length of the wall, but it can also run across only half the wall, depending on its size.

Why choose a built-in bath?

The main factor which makes people decide on a built-in bath is the cost. Built-in baths are quite affordable, and they can fit well in any bathroom size. They are also a good option in regards to practicality and functionality, since a built-in bath can serve another function as a shower space.

What makes freestanding baths so special?

Just the idea of a freestanding bath is attractive enough in itself. With a freestanding bath, your bathroom feels more like a ‘spa’ complete with the most comfortable amenities. If you have a larger-sized bathroom, a freestanding bath placed in the centre can truly transform the room and make it look more attractive. It’s worth noting, however, that there are now freestanding baths available in different sizes which are ideal for any bathroom size.

You have many options when it comes to freestanding baths – you can go for a more traditional and classic design or a more modern and contemporary design. You also have the option to have your freestanding bath installed on a raised platform for a more impactful statement. But apart from their attractiveness and unique look, freestanding baths offer immense practicality as well. The space around the bath is easier to clean, and if you have children, it’s easier to give them a bath, too.

Freestanding baths are more affordable nowadays as well, and they can be even more so if you can get some great deals from reputable suppliers.

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