Understanding BI Analytics and the Growing Need for it in Today’s Global Commerce

Do you know what business intelligence, or BI is? Even experts like Abhishek Gattani find it difficult to properly define it. This is because it is now so widespread and so important. BI is a process, rather than a single thing, and it is designed to benefit any and all types of businesses.

Gathering BI

Usually, businesses gather BI by studying the habits of their customers and identifying changing needs. They may also study the strengths and weaknesses of their sales teams and customer service teams, and compare this to those of the competition.

Actionable BI is vital to help transform businesses and make them more relevant and competitive. The issue is, however, that BI stems from data, and data is becoming increasingly available from a variety of different sources. As a result, BI is now closely linked with IT (information technology), as this is where new frameworks and data warehouses are being created.

Good IT companies now work together with BI professionals like Abhishek Gattani to ensure they come up with solutions that help businesses develop. They can be found in healthcare, life sciences, travel and transportation, financial services, insurance, banking, and more.

Core Expertise

The key to specialists like Abhishek Gattani is that they have the expertise required to collect and interpret data and to make it presentable and understandable to their audience. They deliver these services to a range of professional departments, including logistics, risk management, finance, human resources, and more. They focus on product upgrades, dashboard creations, and data integration, identifying data quality standards, how data should be managed, and how data should be stored.

Do You Need BI Solutions?

All businesses have to focus on BI if they are to advance their offerings. It has been shown that proper processes such as those developed by Abhishek Gattani can help to reduce workload by 40%, because all data is stored and managed in a single place. This means efficiency is greatly increased as well.

BI analytics also offer a number of key advantages, including:

  • Enabling businesses to make accurate predictions on outcomes.
  • Enabling businesses to make better decisions.
  • Enabling businesses to calculate ROI on possible outsourcing solutions.
  • Enabling businesses to better manage huge data streams.

Mainly, however, it ensures businesses are better informed on about the direction in which they are moving, and whether any decisions they make have a positive impact or not. With businesses being increasingly globalized, meaning they have to gather data from all over the world, this is getting very complex. People like Abhishek Gattani have made it their business to put solutions in place that ensure companies are able to not just gather data, but interpret it in such a way that they can benefit from it as well. That lies at the heart of all BI work, which is no longer simply about getting the data together, but about properly understanding it and using it to the advantage of the organization.