Customer retention and acquisition made simple

Customer retention and acquisition can revolutionize your business

Marketing managers, consultants and assistants will be among the first to tell you that the pursuit of customer retention and growth is at the fore of most of their jobs. If not dealing with the sales or design department, they’ll have to deal with themselves and each other – and all the customers that come part and parcel with that. It’s a tricky business, but someone has to do it – but thankfully help is well and truly at hand.

Hard print

Be it across sign boards, posters, magazine advertising or newspaper spreads, hard print is proving an increasingly difficult sell. A chocolate bar company recently tried to have its consumers interact with the brand and its sharers by getting the purchaser to send the term ‘love you’, ‘miss you’, ‘wish you were here’, ‘can’t wait to see you’ and others – printed on the wrapper to their loved ones or friends via a text message. This worked, to an extent, but epitomised the lengths some are having to go to engage customers.


If this kind of pursuit is really in line with the direction you would like to see your life go, personally and professionally, then enrolling in a diploma of customer engagement is really a great notion to consider. This sort of course will equip one with everything – and more – of what is needed to really talk to and keep one’s customers. There is a hang of a lot more to it than this simple explanation, but trust that this initial teaser will offer you enough to dig deeper for yourself.

Digital best practice

The world of the Internet, USSD codes, WAP and mobile content is a visual and static-content feast for many. But it is complex, and doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. Those plugging in the the technicalities of this in the back end will attest to the fact that people using it from the front end are often very oblivious of what is going on in the background. It’s this kind of background knowledge that a formal course will teach you – and equip you.

The growth of social media

Audience retention and customer and purchaser engagement is entirely evident across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Only the big three have been listed here, but do trust that there are many others out there – on your laptops, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. The depth of the user experience is vast, but not so deep that even a relative simpleton or layman could not get to eventual grips with how it all works – and even make a living out of understanding how it all works.


There are some veritable technological geniuses out in the working world, building plenty of kinds of software and other programmes to help people aggregate and formulate customer acquisition and retention. A simple Google search would throw up plenty of options, which can be deliberated over and considered for the future. The key is to be quite thoughtful about the expense of said software and weighing up its cost against the practical need of the job, which might only require manual input.