5 Tips for Starting Young Drivers off on the Right Foot

If you have a young one at home that is about to go after his or her driver’s permit and ultimately a license, are they truly ready for the experience?

While anyone is capable of having an accident behind the wheel, statistics bear out the fact that younger drivers tend to be involved in more mishaps. That said there is no reason adults can’t get your drivers off on the right foot.

From educating them on the dangers of being on the road to showing them first-hand examples of how dangerous accidents can be, always advise younger drivers. Having made that case do it in a way that does not come across as preaching, something that may lead some youngsters to tune adults out.


So, are you ready to help younger drivers in your life get started the correct way behind the wheel?

Always Room to Learn

So that you have the right resources for student drivers in California or elsewhere nationwide, always remember to constantly teach them.

Among the necessary tips to provide:

  1. Safety – Above all else, safety matters most. Many young people think they are immune to being seriously injured in a vehicle accident, some even believing they can cheat death at each and every turn. As the highway accident numbers have unfortunately shown over the years, no one is immune from a serious vehicle accident. Teach young ones before they get behind the wheel that safe driving must be taken seriously. From avoiding distractions and drinking and driving (see more below) to respecting other drivers, safe driving techniques must always be in play;
  2. Concentration – It can become so easy for any driver (young or old) to get distracted behind the wheel. Whether it is something inside or outside the vehicle, it just takes a second or two to throw what was a normal ride into utter chaos. Remind young drivers that their concentration on the road is a necessity, not a choice. They need to avoid things like text or calling on their cell phones, fiddling with the radio or CD’s, applying makeup or combing their hair, trying to read books or magazines (even directions to somewhere), eating, and much more. Although they may have to wait until they stop to do the things they enjoy routinely doing, it is well worth it.

Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix

  1. Drinking – It is no surprise that many youngsters enjoy beer and a variety of other alcoholic drinks. That said such drinks can prove deadly when consumed behind the wheel. While they should not be drinking at all until reaching the legal age where they reside, it is much worse if they consume alcohol while driving. The potential for trouble (oftentimes deadly) is just too great to ignore. Remind those young people in your life of how just one drink while getting behind the wheel can have life-changing consequences;
  2. Maintenance – Even if your son or daughter is just borrowing your vehicle until they can afford one on their own, upkeep is important. Yes, you’re responsible for the vehicle, but now is a good time to teach your teen about vehicle maintenance. This not only lessens the chances of them getting in an accident, but it also teaches them responsibility now and down the road;
  3. Respect – Lastly, make sure your young driver or drivers have respect not only for other drivers, but also the road itself. Just like boaters and surfers need to respect the water, drivers have to respect all there is to navigate when it comes to driving. Whether a simple road in town or being out on a major highway anywhere in the nation, roads can prove tricky at times. From bad weather to challenging turns and more, a respect for the road is needed each and every time out.

As a parent and/or instructor for young drivers, what tips do you give them to maintain safety whenever behind the wheel?