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10 Best Forex Strategies


When it comes to Forex strategies, there are those that you can buy and those that are free online. Generally, the free ones have not been tested and their reliability cannot be guaranteed. While it is important to find a tried and tested Forex strategy, it is also important to find one that is suitable for you. Some strategies perform better in certain markets than others, so it is important to do your homework. Here we will look at ten of the best Forex strategies. The Bladerunner Trade – This is an EMA crossover strategy that is a trending strategy.…

What I Wish I Knew A Year Ago About Forex


While many of us hear stories about the successful foray into forex trading by hundreds of traders, we also hear dozens of stories about how many have failed. The Pareto Principle of 80 20 applies almost everywhere and forex trading is also no exceptions. For every 100 persons entering into forex trading, only 20 succeed to some extent. Within the 20 only 20% or 4 actually make it big and are able to earn huge income and create residual wealth. It therefore would be interesting to find out the various reasons as to why so many fail while only a…