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Customer retention and acquisition made simple


Marketing managers, consultants and assistants will be among the first to tell you that the pursuit of customer retention and growth is at the fore of most of their jobs. If not dealing with the sales or design department, they’ll have to deal with themselves and each other – and all the customers that come part and parcel with that. It’s a tricky business, but someone has to do it – but thankfully help is well and truly at hand. Hard print Be it across sign boards, posters, magazine advertising or newspaper spreads, hard print is proving an increasingly difficult…

4 Signs Your Sales Team Needs Help


Your company can’t be successful without a good sales team. If they aren’t performing well, you need to figure out why and take steps to help them out. Check out these four signs your sales team is in trouble and what you can do about the problem. Your Sales Team Is Focusing Too Much Time on Favorite Accounts Image via Flickr by NEC Corporation of America It costs more money to get a new customer than it does to retain an old customer, but that doesn’t mean your sales team should spend too much time on favorite accounts. Those accounts…