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Best Cheap First Date Ideas

cheap first date ideas

With a countless number of new smartphone apps such as Tindr, chances are if you are single you are going on more dates than you would have decades ago. It can be emotionally and financially exhausting trying to come up with fun ideas for your first date. Here are some of the best cheap first date ideas that will ensure you and your date have a good time, while not breaking the bank. Museums If you live near a major city, chances there are at least a few massive and impressive museums you have never been to. Find out a little bit…

College Majors You Were Told Didn’t Pay But Do!

College Majors You Were Told Didn’t Pay But Do!

Thinking about going back to school or maybe you just finished high school and you’re ready to take the next big step in your education. Today everybody seems to have an opinion on which degree you should get. Not everything you hear is true and many college majors you were told didn’t pay actually do! Here are some of our favorite college majors that are actually quite sensible and can be lucrative despite their reputations. English Major Studying writing and literature is often called a “useless degree” but this couldn’t be more untrue. English majors have a mastery of the…