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How to Plan a Trip to the Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful, fifty kilometer long stretch of coastline along the Southern part of Italy’s peninsula. Over 5,000,000 tourists flock to the area each year to enjoy all that this stunning Mediterranean location has to offer. If you’re planning to be one of the lucky travelers who visit the Amalfi coast this year, here are some tips to help you plan the ultimate Amalfi coast trip: Find your dream home This area of Italy is home to some of the most beautiful vacation houses. Amalfi Coast villas truly are fantastic locations in which to enjoy the area.…

How to Make Money While Travelling Within the UK


Travel and earn a living For sure, many people cherish this ultimate dream: to be able to travel for months or even years, and not just for a fortnight during vacation. At the first glance, such enterprise doesn’t look so impossible, but then… The vexing question is whether you can sponsor yourself in satisfactory amounts. What’s there to choose? Although it’s a bit tough to earn millions by travelling, there, nevertheless, exist several schemes using which you can make some dough. So, why don’t you try to be… … a Freelance Writer Writing is an excellent opportunity for those living…

Must Visit Foodie Cities

Must Visit Foodie Cities

Sometimes you need to get out of town to get the best eats. If you love good food and travel, make sure you check out these must visit foodies cities for the most tasty food in the world. New Orleans Louisiana’s largest city, New Orleans has long been one of America’s must visit foodie cities. New Orleans has a unique blend of French-creole, Cajun, Latin American, and southern “soul food.” These different varieties of cooking are combined with a plethora of delicious seafood given New Orleans geographic location. Some of New Orleans’ most iconic dishes include seafood Po’ Boy sandwiches, gumbo, and red…