Complaints about Summer Lawns Lacking Energy Are a Thing of the Past

A lot of people don’t give their lawns any care, just leaving it to grow. While this works for some people, it won’t work for anyone who wants to have a beautiful, lush, green lawn. That requires some care and attention. Indeed, according to Trugreen complaints about stressed out lawns can be a thing of the past if people just look after it properly.

Getting Someone Else to Do it

One thing is for certain, and that is that having a beautiful lawn requires quite a lot of work. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then do consider becoming a customer with a lawn care service like True Green. As you can see from their many reviews, they know what they are doing and have helped many people, regardless of the original state of their garden. You may avoid hiring a lawn service because it costs money, but if you consider that it also increases the value of your home and that you could, through that, get as much as a 150% return on investment, you may want to reconsider. Before you decide which company to sign up with, see what other people have said about them first and make sure you reply to reviews. Someone else how reads this review will benefit from that in turn.

With Trugreen Complaints about Lawns Can Be Resolved with Ease

  1. Mow properly. Grass blades should be around 3” in length, with a few cold season grasses preferring to be slightly shorter. Mow half an inch off your lawn as soon as it reaches 3 ½” in height.
  2. Maintain your mower. Oil all the parts, make sure the blades are sharp, use the right type of fuel, and make sure it doesn’t leak any chemicals.
  3. Control the height of your mower. Since you should only cut half an inch of your lawn, you need to be able to set that quite specifically. Furthermore, it is possible that you will have to mow off slightly more the first time you do so, since your grass has been dormant for about six months.
  4. Know when to mow. This should be done when the grass is completely dry. If it is wet, it is harder to mow it cleanly and you could cause significant damage to the plants as well. If it is extremely hot, or if there hasn’t been a lot of rain, any moisture still in your plant will escape from the tips after you mow it. Hence, mow early on the morning.
  5. Use mulch in the hottest months. This keeps the soil cool and traps moisture in your plants. It also helps to prevent weeds and pests from setting up home. But make sure you don’t use too much mulch, because that could smother the plants.