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How to Lead an Environmentally-Responsible 21st Century Life


The world is at a crossroads these days. Although there are signs that its nations are finally beginning to take the climate crisis seriously, it is ultimately up to us as citizens to make choices that heal our planet instead of condemning it to a future of ruin and decay. In this article, we will share a few ways you can help tip the scales towards a healthier world in the years ahead. 1) Eat free-range meats While some swear by vegetarianism for a variety of reasons, some can’t bring themselves to stop eating meat (and why would you –…

Power Tip: How to save big on online shopping

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Online shopping has changed the retail game. While brick and mortar shops seem to close by the minute, online shops seem to be opening even faster. With that extra competition, being on 24/7 and being able to ship all over the world, online retail has completely revolutionized how people go about shopping for virtually everything. While people might head to their favorite shops directly, we have a great tip today on Check out Groupon Coupons. You could be saving boatloads off of already low prices by leveraging online coupons. Groupon has over 70,000 free coupons that they have amassed…

Reasons Everyone Should Have an Electric Car


Thinking about getting a new car? Weighing your options between different makes and models? Gas cars have had their time, it’s the 21st century and electric cars keep getting better and better. Here are a load of reasons everyone should have an electric car in this day and age. Save Money Money is always a big motivator, so we consider it to be one of the most important reasons everyone should have an electric car. Gas prices are unpredictable but you can always count that it will cost more than electricity. Saving big bucks at the gas pump is one of…