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Your Back to School Shopping List


You’ve probably loved having your children at home for the school holidays, but it’s also nice to have some peace and quiet again when the new school year starts. Entertaining the children all day is no simple task, but at least they’ll have something to concentrate on for the majority of the day when they return to class. Of course, we can’t help but worry about our children when they’re at school with regards to whether they’re studying their hardest or if the school’s teachers are trained to the highest standards, but you can feel confident your children are getting…

Global Wildlife Declines 58%


The Serious Issue of the Decline of Global Wildlife In ecological balance, each member of every species on earth has a particular purpose. Yet, since the 1970s, there has been a serious decline in global wildlife. The most affected wildlife live in freshwater systems, lakes, streams and rivers. The decline of these animals is already at 81% (Ref. Vertebrates such as birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals have declined by 58%. If these losses continue, by the year 2020, more than half of global wildlife could become extinct. Reasons for Global Wildlife Decline There are many contributing factors in…

College Majors You Were Told Didn’t Pay But Do!

College Majors You Were Told Didn’t Pay But Do!

Thinking about going back to school or maybe you just finished high school and you’re ready to take the next big step in your education. Today everybody seems to have an opinion on which degree you should get. Not everything you hear is true and many college majors you were told didn’t pay actually do! Here are some of our favorite college majors that are actually quite sensible and can be lucrative despite their reputations. English Major Studying writing and literature is often called a “useless degree” but this couldn’t be more untrue. English majors have a mastery of the…